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Employment Contract Collocations

Can you use the right phrase in an Employment Contract? These Employment Contract collocations might help.

Employment Contract Collocations P2

Lawyers and HR professionals use these words often. But do you use the absolutely correct phrase every time?

Common prepositional phrases in contracts

Choosing the right preposition is a major headache among non-native professionals. Have a list at hand for drafting emergencies.

Overusing Word There

One tip that helps professionals use short (good style) and clear (good style, obviously) sentences is to avoid using phrases with ‘there’.

Collocations with the word Loan

LOAN collocations – a list of phrases with the word LOAN. Whether you need a loan facility or are drafting a loan agreement, you will find these phrases useful.

The Property phrases

Negotiating a lease agreement? Thinking of moving offices? You might need these phrases.

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